Top 3 Tactical Pens 2019

The tactical pen is an underrated and often overlooked piece of everyday carry gear. Similar to a tactical knife or an EDC Pen, this everyday carry tool could save your life one day. Typically made from heavy duty metals like Aircraft aluminum, many our outfitted with pressurized ink cartridges and carbide glass breaking tips.

Now, let’s get onto the good stuff.  Here are the top 3 deals you can’t pass up this year.  

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Regular Price: $81.12

Sale Price: $48.99

Savings: $32.13 (40%)

Danger has a way of presenting itself when you least expect it. That’s why Gerber, in collaboration with law enforcement professionals, developed the Impromptu Tactical Pen. Sure, it’s a pen and it’ll serve to take notes like a good pen should, but it’s not your average writing implement.


  • Glass Breaker Tip
  • Works in the Rain
  • Steel + Cerakote Coated

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Smith & Wesson SWPEN3BK Tactical Pen Tactical

Sale Price: $25.03 

Smith and Wesson focuses on creating knives that are ready for all situations. Whether you are a knife collector, survivalist or a first responder, you can trust that your S&W knife will be the tool you can rely on in any situation.

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Boker Plus 09BO097 Tactical Tablet Pen

Regular Price:  $39.95

Sale Price: $29.96

Savings: $9.99 (25%)

The Boker Plus 09BO097 Tactical Tablet Pen addresses the increasing popularity of tablets, featuring a rubber tip for use on touchscreens, while being well protected under the screw-off rear cap. Boker plus tactical tablet pen is the front, large cap conceals a standard ball point pen tip, compatible with Parker giant refills or Fisher Space Pen refills. 

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